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When asked what inspired him to pick up a camera and start taking photos. Scott says, there wasn't one specific image that made me say "Hey, I want to do that". It wasn't one specific photographer that made me look at this as an artform. It's a correlation of a few individual photographers and their bodies of work. Herman Leonard's stunning black & whites of the jazz greats, from the 40's & 50's and Dennis Morris and his iconic images of Bob Marley and the Sex Pistol's. "It's brilliant the way Dennis Morris used natural light to create 90% of his work. I try and implement that approach when shooting, I feel it leads to a more relaxed environment for the subject, and it looks really cool"

Client List:

Bass Guitar Magazine, Musicians Magazine, Decon Records, URB, Revolver Magazine, SPIN, Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, Downbeat, Jazztimes, Modern Drummer, Metal Edge, Remix, SideOneDummy Records, Victory Records, Pie Magazine, Elektra, Hollywood Records, Artemis Records, Max Jazz, VIBE, Royal Family Records, Straight No Chaser, Low Rider, Okayplayer, Century Media, BPM, OVUM Recordings. Mass Appeal Magazine, Universal Music, Rock Sound, Ubiquity Records, Metal Hammer, Filter, Verbicide Magazine